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WiFi Network Security

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WiFi Network Security is a simple Authentication, Authorization & Accounting system that can be used by any business with an existing WiFi infrastructure on premises.

WiFi Network Security is a cloud hosted platform-as-a-service to provide public hotspots owner a secure WIFI access control system. It is designed for public places likes parks, shopping centers, hotels, educational institution, WISP and other public places with internet access.

WiFi Network Security allows the business to take full advantage of their existing WiFi infrastructure for provisioning, billing & roaming based on location.

It designed to service various industries and address the individual needs of the customers and the managers of specific industries. It offers unprecedented flexibility and options in the management and control of the facility’s (hotel/park/restaurant/shopping mall/food court/etc.) wireless guest internet networks the unique hierarchical design and function of our software can be used by a single location or a multi-brand chain, with the ability to roam in between locations.

  • More and more business with public visitors consider Wifi hotspot access to be a critical network function. Whether it is implemented to enable its own employee access to LAN applications, foster customer engagement, or support guest internet access, WiFi access is critical to these organization’s ability to run their business.

  • A business that wants to grand internet access to its customers without limiting its functionality and simultaneously without sacrificing their own privacy needs such as system in place.

  • A business that wants to make a profit by providing service for temporary internet access.

  • A business that wants to attract more customers by providing free internet access to its customers but also would like to keep a check on it so that nobody can abuse the free service.

  • A business that wants to provide a simple and free to use service for internet access and also like to a log of certain user activity for mandatory govt. regulations required for public WiFi access

  • With WiFi Network Security we take the common password away from the Access-Point and instead give each user its own password. This way there is no single password that users can share with each other. This creates a limit on who can use the service and who cannot.

    It’s also gets a step further and link each user-id / password combination to a particular device (mobile phone, laptop etc.). this way no two people can share the same user-id / password to gain un-authorized access to internet.

    Each user-id is bound to a particular location. So by creating virtual location within the geographic area users can be limit to gain access in certain areas that are off-limit for them. So an employee can be allowed to access internet from all Access-Points while a guest can be limited to certain Access-Points.

    A roaming profile can also be created between virtual locations so that a user can travel b/w virtual locations and simultaneously keep the connection active without any additional action required.

    Main Features

    - Works with industry standard software, hardware, protocols which means:

  • It will work with your existing hardware.
  • Support all clients, devices like Anroid, Apple, Windows etc.

  • - Cloud Hosted Redundent solution.
    - Multi account setup option:
  • Single User
  • Multi User
  • Meeting Rooms / Conference Room
  • Time Interval Based
  • Revolving Password Accounts
  • Prepaid Accounts
  • Batch Accounts

  • - Meeting rooms, guest rooms and common area accounts seperation and optional merge between these zones.
    - Uses the most secure enterprise level protocols and encryption including 802.1X, WPA2, and EAP-TTLS, and EAP-PEAP to communicate with devices.

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